Saturday, October 2, 2010

Mangia Mangia!: Feasting on Milanese Fashion (this is a long one)

As most fashion fiends would agree Italy is well-known as a birthing place for many brilliant designers and "Milan" might as well be synonymous with "style". I mean, seriously, the country is in the shape of  boot (one made of Italian leather, I'm sure). It really has been painstakingly difficult for me to highlight just a few collections from Italia, and that's why it's taken me forever to post this blog! Anyhow, overall I noticed lots of 70s influence from hippie to disco queen (tons of fringe, flared legs and lots of shine), vibrant lip colors and outlandish accessories (which I always enjoy). Beyond the clothes it was a time to shine for the details that make an outfit complete: The bags at Blumarine, shades at Fendi and Prada, bold lips at Jil Sander, Fendi and Marni, shoes at Versus, Versace and Prada and hats at Missoni...

Really only enjoyed the last few looks, for me they were the highlight of this collection. I've never been a fan of math, but these color-block geometry class party dresses make me want to brush up on my math skills. 


Vivid and tribal. Loose straight silhouettes, floppy square-brimmed hats and colorful espadrilles make for a perfect get-up to get-away.


D&G does it to me every time. Always uber sexy and never understated, their boudoir-inspired pieces never leave me sleepy-eyed.  I loved the innocent and angelic looks in white lace countered by a few darker, lustier ensembles.


I saw one look from the collection and knew i was enamored. The sui generis silhouettes had an interesting appeal and the eclectic flow of the collection was captivating. I loved the orange lipstick, it's one my favorite trends and has been for a while.


Famous for those Pucci patterns, this season the design house melded their signature motif in a country chic-meets-mediterranean collection, resulting in billowing fabrics, deep-cut laced up blouses and up-to-there suede stiletto boots.


Blew me away by presenting a brilliant collection both in theory and in color scheme, toggling between cocoon shapes and slimly tailored trousers. I also loved the pairing of a simple white tee with those floor grazing skirts in Crayola colors. There's really something about this collection that I find completely spellbinding.


OK, so I was initially not impressed by the over-exaggerated animal print trend (specifically the leopard, or maybe it was cheetah), but I did find love in the slouchy over-sized over-fringed handbags and again later on with dresses reminiscent of Sfogliatella (one of my favorite Italian pastries!).


Lots of quirky details at Prada this season: shapeless sleeves, stacked loafers, sandals that sit on checkerboard platforms, fluffy fur boas, silver streaked eyelids, zany prints featuring bananas and monkeys and a slew of stripes.

VERSACE (this is the last one, I promise!)

Donatella knows exactly how to do sexy while keeping it classy with slim fits and just slivers of skin peeking through. Minimalism was the key to the collection (with the exception of a few brightly printed pieces) with classic lines, smart pops of color and Greek key accents throughout the series. 


  1. I always love Missoni and those Pucci boots are to die for! Keep up the good work girl!!!



  2. I love the Pucci collection. I think it is fab. Loving the 70's revival too!