Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It's my party and I'll BUY if I want to!

As a September baby, I like to believe it was meant to be. 
Dare I say destined for me to have a life in the fashion industry. 
Every September means another year of life, for me of course, but also for fashion. A month filled with fashion weeks, sparkling new collections, fresh-faced models and both up-and-coming and venerated designers. Since the establishment of FNO in 2009, September has now also become a nationwide, actually global, celebration of style. The September issue of every fashion magazine (sometimes weighing in at almost 3 pounds) is probably the most coveted issue of the year by style addicts, especially after "The September Issue" documentary of 2007.
I've never been big on birthdays, but I certainly don't mind a month of festivities in the name of fashion. So, forget a birthDAY, I'd rather spend the MONTH honoring fashion! 

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