Sunday, September 26, 2010

Finally! Front Row Fashion at Tampa Bay

Surprisingly, for someone who adores fashion as much as I do, it was just yesterday that I got to attend my first live fashion show! It's not that I've never been to one, but I'm usually on the runway rather than in the audience. And I do have to say there's a lot less stress in the front row than there is backstage...still, a part of me was missing the bright lights in my face and nervous anxiety of stepping foot on the catwalk.

But I digress, the real reason I'm blogging tonight is to present some of the local talent that South/Central Florida has to offer. So here's a look at some the artistry coming out of Tampa Bay. 

(My apologies for the blurry pics, but I had to use my phone!)

Triniece Cagua for JCagua Swimwear:
I've actually walked for Triniece before and not only are her designs fun and sassy! She's a great designer with a wonderful personality to add to the talent. Her collection this year was bright and playful, focusing on an "Aquaglow" theme.

One of the looks from JCaguas "Aquaglow" collection
Final line-up of the girls for JCagua

Nina Verklas for Bambina NV:
I had never actually seen Nina's work until this show and I was honestly blown away! I would've never expected such an edgy, punk-rock collection complete with chains, leather and studs from the quirky designer who never goes without her black bow-tie. Can't wait to see more from her!

A funky-fresh look from Verklas' menswear collection
Helen Gerro:
Also a new designer to me. Her collection was comprised of floor sweeping gowns in a rainbow of colors and fabrics, some with handpainted VanGogh-reminiscent swirls near the hem. Of all the colors though, this piece stood out from the rest of the collection because of it's classic lines and the combination of velvet and lace

Pat McGhee:
I am somewhat familiar with McGhee's work and saw a guest at the event sporting one of her designs. I was most impressed with her collection in 2008, but this years spin on the military/naval trend kept me interested. The piece below was my favorite; loving the plaid.

Kimberly Hendrix for K Hendrix:
It's always exciting to see a collection from a designer that I'm unfamiliar with because there's no expectations, just a clean slate to form an opinion. The collection at K Hendrix kept me glued to catwalk! This was her runway debut and maybe it was all the sequins, but I couldn't take my eyes off the pieces coming down her runway. Each handmade, vintage inspired, meticulously detailed look had me fixated.

These photos do no justice to Hendrix work in real-life

Essence Flowers:
I have also walked for Essence (in her own first runway show in 2007) and her talent in undeniable. Her construction is flawless and her designs are nothing less than incredible. Always elegant and always perfectly feminine. This year's collection featured bridal-like headpieces and a very soft palette of pastel pinks and taupe (a little something blue).

Something old, something NEW, something borrowed, something BLUE
INTERESTING FACT: All of the girls who walked for Essence Flowers are Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders! Essence re-designed their uniforms for this season.

Terri Funaro:
Another designer who was new to me. Unfortunately, I don't have pictures from this collection because my phone decided to die, but the photos wouldn't do the looks any justice anyway! Terri's collection was classic and full of incredible details: brilliant pleating work on an ice blue ensemble and again on a delightfully chocolate cocktail dress, embellished bodices on wedding gowns and flawless tailoring on my favorite piece- a blousy white top partnered with a handsome pair of HIGH-waist wide-led champagne trousers.

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