Sunday, August 29, 2010

Current Obsession

Needless to say any time I can take advantage of a stellar bargain I'm a happy girl. And since living on a college-student budget isn't very supportive of my shopping habits it's rare that I get an opporunity to indulge in the niceties of boutique shopping. However, in the past 48 hours I couldn't help but engage in a whirlwind love affair with a local boutique that I've been flirting with for months. Lucky for me I'll still be able to afford tuition thanks to sidewalk sale specials that THE MARKETPLACE ON BROADWAY had to offer this weekend.

Cozied up on the corner of Broadway in the nostalic downtown district, The Marketplace has served local fashionistas for 15 years; filling a void in Ocala's malnourished fashion sector. The service was first-rate and the products are top-notch (I went gaga over brands like Three Dots, Velvet, Hard Tail, Knitted Dove and one of my faves, BCBG).

Three blouses, a sweater and a dress later (all for a total under $200), it was pretty much decided that I was infatuated. Whether it's the idea that I'm supporting local entrepreneurs or the thought that I won't be wearing what everyone else in Ocala bought the same day at the Paddock Mall there's something extremely invigorating about shopping local boutiques. 

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