Monday, August 30, 2010

"Gimme Some Sugar"

Ice cream sundaes, layered cakes, fruit tarts and chocolate cupcakes; I think I gained a few pounds just typing that! But I fear not because I just discovered a shameless way to cater to my cravings on

Well, I may be behind the fashion times, because I could be the last person to favorite the ETSY website for it's fashion finds specializing in handmade and vintage products. I actually spent a good hour and a half browsing page after page of delightful one-of-a-kinds last night. And it came as a surprise to me that while I was checking out some of recent followers on Twitter I happened upon one of these Etsy shop owners.

The owner of Gimme Some Sugar is a professional painter, polymer clay jewelry maker and baker (that explains it) according to her profile of She hand-crafts the sweetest treats like THESE to be worn as charms, necklaces, pins and studs.

There's no calorie counting here so feel free to satisfy that sweet tooth... Bon appetit!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Current Obsession

Needless to say any time I can take advantage of a stellar bargain I'm a happy girl. And since living on a college-student budget isn't very supportive of my shopping habits it's rare that I get an opporunity to indulge in the niceties of boutique shopping. However, in the past 48 hours I couldn't help but engage in a whirlwind love affair with a local boutique that I've been flirting with for months. Lucky for me I'll still be able to afford tuition thanks to sidewalk sale specials that THE MARKETPLACE ON BROADWAY had to offer this weekend.

Cozied up on the corner of Broadway in the nostalic downtown district, The Marketplace has served local fashionistas for 15 years; filling a void in Ocala's malnourished fashion sector. The service was first-rate and the products are top-notch (I went gaga over brands like Three Dots, Velvet, Hard Tail, Knitted Dove and one of my faves, BCBG).

Three blouses, a sweater and a dress later (all for a total under $200), it was pretty much decided that I was infatuated. Whether it's the idea that I'm supporting local entrepreneurs or the thought that I won't be wearing what everyone else in Ocala bought the same day at the Paddock Mall there's something extremely invigorating about shopping local boutiques. 

Saturday, August 28, 2010

back to school...fashionably, of course

Found these little gems at a local gourmet deli, STELLA'S MODERN PANTRY (BTW, that's me, with the cupcakes, on the home page!) and until now I never thought packing a lunch could be so chic...the best part is they're also eco-friendly!
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Friday, August 27, 2010


stay tuned... many more coming soon!
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Thursday, August 26, 2010

The September Issue

All year, every year, I anticipate it's arrival more impatiently than a child on Christmas Eve. And now, here it is Christmas in August. Call me gluttonous, but with a 726-page fashion feast on my plate, I can't help but drool.  And just to add to my delight, who better to grace the cover than one of my favorite fashion icons, Ms. Halle Berry?
The September Issue of Vogue on newsstands now!

I flipped anxiously past the appetizers (at least 100 pages of advertisements!) until I found some deliciously fashionable features about the industries biggest night on the town. Fashion's Night Out is giving me New York fever and I would kill to be able to attend, but unfortunately being a full-time student and employee doesn't lend itself well to quick trips to NYC. Anyhow, I nibbled on some dainty debutante-inspired delicacies and scarfed down editorials stuffed with lace, tweed, velvet and fur. And for dessert, the Last Look (which I almost always look at first), the richest pair of raspberry flavored Louis Vuitton pumps, with heels dipped in honey-colored crystals.

Oooh so good! "Beauty" pump by Marc Jacobs,  for Louis Vuitton

As they say variety is the spice of life and this installment was seasoned just right. This seasons prominent trends warped time with ensembles motivated by the 20s and 50s and trotted the globe with pieces influenced by mongol invasions, antarctic explorations and nomadic ventures. The issue may have even been a little schizophrenic; tuning in to the different style voices of the glam-rocker, the country-chic, the trendy traveler and the conservative sophisticate.

Well, almost 800 pages later I wish I could say that my appetite for fashion has been satisfied, but Vogue has just left me even more ravenous for the upcoming fashion weeks in NYC. However, on the plus side, this issue paired very nicely with a glass of White Zinfandel!

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Veronika Ilieva
Ilieva savors the ability to use fashion as an opportunity to play a different character every day.  

“I would say that I’m a classic, feminine flower child, with a splash of Rock and Roll!”

Sporting a belted waist as early as the age of five, her self-described “eclectic style” is the fruitage of an early cultivation for the love of fashion.  Her relationship with fashion stems from the emphasis from her mother “to hold on to her Europeans standards... and always look her best.”

The key to her fashion flair is confidence (and a good pair of shoes, of course!). However, for Ilieva, no outfit is complete without a little blast from the past. 

“One element I refuse to leave out is at least one vintage piece incorporated into my heart will continue to overflow with joy over vintage pieces!”


aldon “deezy” peoples
Inspired by the styles of Kanye West and Pharell Williams, 
this aspiring designer is a product of a collegiate/urban fusion. 
Peoples describes his approach to fashion as 
creative; evoking the “where did you come up with that?” response from onlookers. 

According to Peoples, retro is in (the 80s, more specifically) and “baggy” ill-fitting street clothes are out. Be on the look out for the manifestation of Peoples fashion ideology in his own line, “Don Coeur”.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Just a little something I threw together...

This is how my love for fashion was born. I thought I wanted to be "America's Next Top Model"....but  I was really just in it for the fashion. I still do a little modeling in my spare time but writing is where my heart is now!